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We have just reached a couple of milestones in our family.  My youngest has just officially finished her secondary education, and today has started her GCSE’s, my eldest has handed in everything now for her final major project at Uni, and technically left, awaiting the results of her three year degree by the end of the week, prior to her graduation, and as for the one in the middle.  Whilst many of her Uni friends have finished their first year exams, she, however,  is yet to start hers, but this hasn’t deterred her joining in the celebrations of those who have ended!  It would seem that she has been rehearsing for an audition, to feature in Made in Chelsea this weekend, being swept away to a country residence in Shropshire, for a spot of shooting, jacuzzing, and go-karting as you do!!  Actually this was reality, as opposed to non-reality TV, and what she got up to wasn’t for the cameras, unlike Louise and Spencer last Monday, which was faked for the programme!

She has assured me that the first year of her Psychology degree covered what she already learnt for A Level, which only reconfirms in my mind that a University degree should be condensed into a maximum of two years.  Is it me, or do first year Uni students spend more time on the lash than in lectures?  The financial cost of that wasted first year will only be worse for 2012/13 students whose fees will triple, and as for the cost to those gorgeous, pure, pink livers  … well that will be revealed in later life!  And what is all this shot drinking about?! I swear if you consume your drink quickly, you just have to buy another one .. in my day we made our drinks last!  I can talk from first hand experience that shot drinking is messy!   Maybe the art of Tactical Chundering has been designed to preempt all that liver damage??

The highlight of last week, in fact probably of this year was the Leavers Ball held at Wotton House.

Picture this beautiful venue, and then add stretched Range Rovers, a vintage ambulance, a speed boat being towed, a double decker bus, horse boxes, lorries, a London Cab, an Aston Martin and a Robin Reliant to name but a few modes of transport to the Ball!  Not a pumpkin in sight, but there was gridlock, and vehicles were getting stuck in the mud, still raining at this point but non of the teenage guests noticed as the excitement and anticipation of the event had reached fever pitch!  I hosted a pre drinks party for about twenty girls prior to their arrival at the ball, and was slightly overwhelmed but delighted that the girls brought parents, grandparents, boyfriends and siblings to photograph the occasion.  The weather was miserable but spirits couldn’t possibly be dampened.  Spray tans refused to be streaked by the drizzle, and coiffured hair do’s were determined not to frizzle in the rain!  I have never seen so many gorgeous stunning young ladies in my house at any one time.

And as if there hasn’t  been enough excitement in our house this week, my eldest is being swept away tomorrow morning to Abu Dhabi, being treated by an Arabic Prince, to celebrate the 21st birthday of her gorgeous friends, “The Twins”.  She is due to have a week filled with jet skiing, wake-boarding, sunbathing in 107 degrees of heat, no doubt sipping strawberry daiquiri’s and champagne and eating sushi!  Sounds quite similar to the week I have scheduled …NOT!!!!  Maybe it is time for a change in life for me … yeh!  That will be the menopause!


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