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It’s only two days after my last sighting of Mr Fox, and so far so good .. all chookies  are present and correct for the time being. I have been sending them to bed early, before the sun has gone down, to try and keep them safe from the predator in the paddock!  They seem so blissfully unaware of the pending doom, and are happy to be side tracked with some mixed corn and bread crumbs .. if only they knew!

Today I am multi-tasking and keep getting side tracked myself ..  whilst doing some online research into my latest project, I find myself adding items in my trolley on Tesco.com, while drinking some homemade minestrone soup, with my Blackberry beeping at my side.  My middle daughter had a kerfuffle with her PIN for her bank card, so I am breaking all the rules and BBMing her the new number which the postie just delivered, the tumble dryer is whirring in the background, oh and my mobile just rang with a little update from my big girl after her mornings presentation at Uni.  I am sitting at the helm of mission control (the desk at the front door) with my essential tools, (iMac and Blackberry) feeling a bit chilly.  Earlier, I tried to move mission control, well the iMac actually, into the kitchen in front of the AGA, but unfortunately the wifi wouldn’t connect, so I put an extra jumper on, and de-camped back to the front door.  My husband should be extremely happy that an extra layer was added rather than the central heating turned on!

Anyway, in a moment I shall dispense with technology and write myself a shopping list as I have a few errands to run before school collection time.  I need to pick up the fresh salmon from the farm shop, drop yet another ASOS package back to the post office for a free return, and then collect Great Auntie Vera from the undertakers!  She sadly died last October, and was cremated, and has been waiting in what has been described as a ‘sweet jar‘ by the undertaker, for this weekend hence, so that she can be finally put to rest in the sea at Hayling Island.  She would have been 94 this Friday, and we made a plan to take her to her favorite place on her birthday, and say our last farewell.  I had this bizarre e-mail conversation with my sister yesterday; I suggested we should scatter the ashes at high tide, so Vera would be washed out to sea.  For some reason she thought low tide would be better, because she fancied a nice walk along the sandy beach!  I shall update you after the weekend and lets hope for all our sakes it isn’t too windy, as I am not too keen about the thought of poor Great Auntie Vera being inhaled and returning to Surrey with us!  And also let’s hope there is a screw top on the jar I am just about to collect .. I would so much prefer the Mint Medley option!


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So my little experiment with the title of my last blog worked!!  In less than an hour, 64 people read my post which was published at 11pm …Sex sells, and it is really that simple!  That probably explains why so many people watch the Jeremy Kyle Show;  my offspring included .. as I write this blog, I can hear Jezza in the background trying to sort out “who is the father of the drug addicted pregnant mother of the sister who is shagging her brother!”  One other thing is for sure … an A* in GCSE Jeremy Kyle will be awarded in the Lock family this August!!

Anyway, I can’t complain about my three fantastic daughters.  It was my birthday last Wednesday, and a friend whisked me away for a luxury pedicure in the morning leaving her 1 and 2 year old children with mine, to be cared for.   Unknown to me, they had planned a surprise birthday lunch party for me.  My mobile had been sneakily hacked earlier in the week and texted invites had been sent to my special friends.  Sandwiches had been made and sneaked into the house when the little people had been delivered, with more food being shipped in from M & S whilst my feet were having a makeover; champagne was being chilled, flowers arranged, cup cakes being iced, and carpets were even hoovered and surfaces dusted!  All this was occurring as I was sipping a cappuccino while nattering to my dear friend whilst a lovely Vietnamese man attended to the dry skin on my heals!  When I was delivered back home with my stunning new toes, I was greeted with a house full of special friends and family and a full blown party that had been thrown for ME!  Possibly the first one ever since I turned 7.  It is usually me, the control freak, who organises and plans these events for my children  … and suddenly the shoe was on the other foot! (where do I get these random phrases from?!)  My wonderful girls, who for between them, I have arranged 54 birthday parties in total, made ME feel special, appreciated and loved!  Thank you to all of them, and to my dearest friends and family for such a lovely unexpected surprise … Oh and thank you to my youngest who hinted that her birthday is in 20 days time, and asked “are you going to plan a surprise birthday party for my 16th!!?”  I had to refresh her memory about the Halloween gathering she had not long ago, which resulted in a broken greenhouse window, empty beer/wine bottles in my vegetable patch and multiple chunder cases in my mop bucket, pudding basin and kitchen sink waste disposal!

And then tragedy hit the Lock family …  poor Maisie, our smallest chook who had been looking off colour for a couple of days, passed away suddenly in the night.  However, I am happy to report that for some bizarre reason, Mrs Hen is hanging on in there, still looking poorly, but every morning she is the first one out of the hen house, looking for refreshments and manages to make it through another day!  The name “Nugget” has already been proposed for the next member of the chooky family, and she will probably join the rest of the girls in the next couple of weeks.  RIP Maisie …

And then came Easter …  a special time to celebrate in the Rabbit household!  The crinklies came over for an Easter Sunday roast lamb lunch, followed by afternoon tea.   There were a couple of “be there” moments; one, when my geriatric, demented, 93 year old great Aunt in-law, who possibly had had too much red wine, lost control of her mind and began insulting one of my girls implying she was bulky and had a big bum, neither of which are true!  And then there was my mum, who really does have dementia, forgot she was in the company of men, and began to talk about “her boobs” – twice!  Followed by the main challenge of the day … how to load 4 over 80 year olds into a Landrover Discovery, one of whom is recovering from a broken hip and another a broken leg, complete with zimmer frame and walking stick!  A ‘borrowed’ upturned Tesco’s crate came in handy for the vertically challenged, disabled pair …  I was so close to photographing the procedure but thought it was in bad taste!

So now it is down to hard core revision and course work for the troops. 5,000 words need to be written by the weekend and I have already been accused of nagging, so my lips are sealed!  Easter eggs will be used as rewards for hard work, and on the basis that Jeremy Kyle is still handing out advice on the TV, guess who will be eating all those scrummy little chocolate eggs???!

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So today is the day to get ahead with the preparation of some food items, that will  make the big day less stressful and more enjoyable to us domestic godesses!   I made a double lot of of the delicious orange pastry that I use for my mince pies, and I also invented a fruity stuffing to go with my Christmas day Turkey.  I made the mincemeat about a month ago, which was so easy, and if you haven’t made any yet and have a minute over the weekend, I always use a Delia Smith recipe which is quick and idiot proof!  Below are the three stages of development from the mincemeat prior to being cooked, then in the jars waiting followed by the finished article!

As for the orange pastry… I think I originally got this recipe from my dear friend Mrs Mad, and I have since passed it to all my friends as it is the most delicious pastry recipe I have ever used.

In a food processor, combine 1lb plain flour, with 12oz butter and 6oz icing sugar.  Then add the zest and juice of an orange and combine until it forms a dough. This can then be kept in the fridge and used as required.

The next job that was ticked off my list today was making the stuffing for Christmas day.  I prefer a non-meaty stuffing and couldn’t find a recipe for what I fancied, so I softened an onion with some smoked garlic, added some chopped chestnuts, apricots, an apple, some sage, juice and zest of a lemon, some fresh white breadcrumbs with heaps of seasoning and bound it with one of my freshly laid eggs.  Then I had a vision and decided to roll it into two long log shapes, in cling film, ready for the freezer, so that on the big day I can cook it and slice it into perfect portions making it so simple to serve whilst looking aesthetically pleasing!  After all, you eat with your eyes!!

Next job will be my cranberry sauce … the cranberries arrived in my Tescos delivery but I forgot to order an orange .. dementia again!!

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So like a lot of women at the moment, I woke up with a start at 5am, and all thoughts of the looming Christmas events circled round in my mind.  I put on my electric blanket and tried to toast myself back to sleep, as for once I didn’t even need to be awake this early on a weekday.  I ended up with a manmade hot flush and a head that was swirling with thoughts like ‘have I got all the presents for everyone, and more importantly, had I spent the same amount on each of my three daughters, to make sure it is fair’.  I have spent the last 21 years trying to point out that actually, life isn’t fair and if you grow up thinking it is you will be forever dissapointed!

Anyway, after an eventful day of delivering my car for a service, harvesting mistletoe from my tree and delivering it to my local farm shop for sale, getting my ski boots adjusted at Snow & Rock, buying a few more stocking presents to make things fair, making a Delia Smith Chocolate Truffle Torte, walking the dogs, feeding the chickens and collecting my car from its service, all of this whilst nursing a sick child, I have just sat down and decided it is time to write some lists!!    I have written out my rough menus for the next couple of weeks, so I actually know the enormity of what I am tackling, and then gone into my Tescos home delivery order for this week, and added all the things that I can buy in advance.  I have an Ocado scheduled for the day before Christmas Eve, so I will add all the fresh bits to this order.  Now that I have written some lists, I instantly feel more calm, without the urge to grab a glass of wine, because on GMTV this morning they were saying that too a many women drink daily and end up with their kids being their carers .. and I know how that feels with a mum suffering from dementia, so I wouldn’t want to burden my girls quite yet!!

So in summary …. if you want to have a full nights sleep between now and 25th December, it’s all about a list!!!

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