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Well the countdown to Christmas is truly underway with less than a week to go!  I am working through my list, with a couple of cooking jobs scheduled for today and yet another delivery of mistletoe to my local Kingfisher Farm Shop.  I was just reading an article on the BBC website that mistletoe is a dying species and under threat of extinction!  Not sure I should be harvesting it daily, but the mistletoe season is very short so I can’t miss this opportunity!

I now have to admit, that I only completed one of my pre Christmas cooking tasks today due to time constraints!  I have made the Delia Smith Cranberry and Orange Relish, to go with our turkey, and popped it in the freezer.  Another very simple recipe and so much nicer than the shop bought variety  …  it’s such a beautiful vibrant burgundy colour laced with Port and packed with the zingy flavour of fresh cranberries.  Got a house full of family to entertain tomorrow, so I think it’s unlikely that my Parmesan Parsnips will be prepared!  It’s ok though …  everything is under control (famous last words!).


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