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Well what a busy week it has been.  This time 7 days ago we were sitting on a British Airways flight, and I was lucky enough to be seated in 4A, heading off to Barbados, as you do when you have BA concessions!  We stayed at the beautiful Almond Casuarina Beach  and had 3 nights of sun, sand, sea and celebration as our eldest daughter turned 21.  Yesterday was her actual birthday, and she had a whole day and night of celebrations.  Our favorite family and friends came over during the day and she was lavished with gifts, Champagne and flowers.  My lovely florist friend, Kim Shaw, popped in with a gorgeous bouquet of roses, and my beautiful goddaughter who has just started her own range of jewellery called Kissika gave her a stunning silver bracelet to match one of her tattoos.

Talk about lucky girl … she was lavished with T-Shirts and a dress by Alexander Wang, a Vivienne Westwood Purse and a lot of money, when suddenly I had a deja vu back to my 21st birthday and realised there was absolutely no similarity at all!

I made some more cup cakes topped with her favorite childhood sweets … Jelly Tots (not Jelly shots!) and her thoughtful sister made her some yummy calorie free (not!) Nigella Rocky Road.

As if this wasn’t enough, she then went to Nobu with some of her best girl friends (total babes!), followed by a bit of alcohol induced clubbing at Cirque du Soir and Jalouse as you do when you are gorgeous and get on VIP guest lists and are given free drinks .. still no resemblance to my 21st!  And then your lovely daddy, who has work in the morning, drives up to fetch you at 2am ensuring that you are safe and cozily tucked up at home in your own bed!  And at 21 it is assumed you are an adult!  Dream on!  Glad we haven’t set a precedent for 21st celebrations with our other 2 daughters  … oh wait .. we have!


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