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Well I have just returned from a wonderful half term holiday break, that was incredible value for money.  I dispatched my husband to the Middle East on business for the week .. well someone has to!  I logged onto Amazon and purchased both Fifty Shades of Grey and Fifty Shades Darker, the first two books in this gripping, intriguing trilogy and set out some ground rules for myself as follows:

  • Heating thermostat must be turned up at all times (no husband around to fiddle with the dial!)
  • Do not feel guilty sitting on the sofa with a roaring log fire reading (you are on holiday!)
  • Limit oneself to one fun size bag of Cadburys mini eggs per day (move on to Minstrels if will power fails!)
  • Dogs to be walked at least once a day to avoid a) a mess in the house and garden and b) to avoid deep vein thrombosis from all that sitting!
  • Flexible meal times for kids (small adults!) with a mantra of DIY if any complaints are registered!
  • A maximum of one load of washing to be done on alternate days.
  • White wine permissible as required!
  • Desperate Housewives, TOWIE, Eastenders, Celebrity Juice and Chick Flicks to be watched when not reading

I didn’t realise that holidaying in your own home could be so relaxing.  I ventured out to a shop once to buy a little romantic meal for two to eat on Valentines day with my youngest, and had a girlie dinner in one night with two of my girls, plus my oldest friend and my god daughter.  I rustled up a quick Nigella Curry in a Hurry and dipped some gorgeous strawberries in dark chocolate for dessert.  I was going to upload a video for this recipe for those Nigella fans but I couldn’t get it to work.  Incidentally my husband says I remind him of Nigella; not sure if it is because of her epic rack, or her passion for cooking!

Anyway, I am now totally hooked in the Fifty Shades Trilogy .. not quite the literature I am used to reading; not because of its lack of  intellectual stimulation, but its core theme of sadomasochism which was not a topic talked about in the convent I was educated in!    Definitely not a suitable recommend for the village book club, however, it’s the psychological level that is the most entrancing making the third in the trilogy a must!  Found this picture and it sums up in a few words what I mean:

And then my holiday came to an abrupt end on Friday!  Husband returned from Dubai, daughter and boyfriend returned from Oxford, and the washing machine hasn’t stopped whirring since.  Made a special birthday dinner for my future son-in-law, who has this nasty habit of giving my husband “quirky” gifts  .. this time a poster of the Periodic Table of Sex … thanks Rob (not!!)  And I had even made him some special birthday cupcakes AND a Banoffee Pie!

It’s now Monday, my  holiday is over and it’s back to the real world now!


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