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Well what an eventful New Year we had!  Jumped on a plane to Geneva, as you do, on New Years Eve for a family ski holiday.  Arrived in Nendaz in time to make the pre-lash vodka jelly shots and canapes, before our New Years Eve dinner, which was then followed by fireworks and an epic snow ball fight!  I can honestly say I have never had so much fun with snow balls in my life, and my pelvic floor was certainly put to the test!  After a seriously alcohol induced, icy walk back to our ‘Pig Shed’ our teenage companions didn’t take much encouragement to strip to their underwear and roll around in the snow to mark the start of 2012!

The highlight or possibly low light of our trip was a very eventful first day skiing, which resulted in a blood wagon to the hospital for one of our powder hounds; this sadly was to be the end to her skiing for the rest of the trip due to some torn ligaments in her ankle.  The snow was amazing, the weather mixed and the Swiss prices over inflated but we certainly had a fantastic time for the next few days. British Airways provided exceptional special assistance for our crutch bound passenger on the return journey, and the pilot did an impressive job landing at Gatwick in gale force winds.

Five days later we are all safely back home, Christmas decorations dismantled, and I find myself in the kitchen again creating some culinary delights for my family!  Just made a nice healthy batch of Carrot and Coriander Soup for lunch, which I will serve with some gorgeous sunflower seed bread from the Kingfisher Farm Shop and some of my apparently legendary, less healthy, chocolate chip flapjack, the recipe of which is in my head … sorry!


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I can turn my hand to most things, and my very good friend who is also an amazing florist, Kim Shaw did a little pre-Crimbo flower demonstration last week.  She inspired me and it encouraged me to have a go at a rustic fruity Christmas table decoration for my lounge.  All the greenery came free of charge from my garden, small apples from my local farm shop, and I recycled some dried clementines, cinnamon, chillies and gold twigs from an arrangement from last year.  I spent under £6 on 2 bunches of red roses from Waitrose and a Church candle from Homebase and below is the result!

Now back to my things to do list, because today I need to make some mince pies to welcome my husband back home from a month in Australia!  Recipe to follow tomorrow for my homemade mince meat and crispy orange pastry …. be prepared to drool!

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