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Can’t believe it’s Friday already!  I know they say that as you get older, time passes even faster so on that basis I must be totally ancient!  At the beginning of the week I despatched my youngest daughter (15) from her comfort zone in Surrey up to the the big wide world of London.  Initially she was understandably apprehensive, especially because she has been living up there for the week, however judging by what she was tweeting last night, I am considering puttting her room up for rent:


“Coming back to Surrey tomorrow! #boring

“Still going as a business woman!! Just had corporate drinks#poshlyhammered

“Found lots of perfect husband material up in the banking district!”

“Can’t help but think my Dorking life is so dull compared to this”

“I think I underestimated London”


I am looking forward to her supporting me in my care home in the future, when her career as a city Lawyer has taken off!  I am thinking payback time!  On the subject of dementia, I don’t appear to be the only one in the family showing early signs.  During this week my middle daughter has lost, replaced and then found her student ID, lost, paid for a ticket and then found her free bus pass and then there is this all time classic sign of madness.  After cooking a non-student budget, designer lunch of freshly grilled tuna with rice, she sits down to tuck in, when the Uni fire alarm goes off.  Most people who are sane and value their lives, leave what they are doing immediately and evacuate, but oh no!  Mad people scurry to their bedroom with their plate full of food and hide away and keep tucking in!  Maybe a twin room in Sunrise is an option .. come to think of it, I have a husband who thinks he is a dog, and comments as if he is our dog, Wilfred, on Facebook.  Maybe we need a family suite, and with a Lawyers salary that will be possible!


On the subject of madness, I took my mum to the Opticians yesterday, which was an epic mission in itself.  I managed to park on the only patch of ice in the car park, and as she placed her walking stick down as she vacated the car, nearly re-broke her hip.  Then she convinced herself she had never been to this Optician before, and that it had changed locations, and whilst taking her back to the car she had a panic attack, refused to move, and accused me of navigating her to the wrong car park!  On the positive side, and there is always one in my experience from my half full perspective, her eyesight has improved over 12 months.  She had been diagnosed previously with Macular Degeneration; she had been recommended to take Lutein,an important natural antioxidant that may help your eyes stay healthy.  It seems to have worked!

Lutein in a strong dose for M.D.


And then there was the return of the snow, and we are back into the artic conditions that arrived 7 days ago …



I am now looking forward to the arrival of my personal copy of Fifty Shades of Grey, which I shall be devouring over half term!





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