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Only two more sleeps till Santa Claus comes, and all seems to be going according to schedule.  My last Xmas present was delivered today by Dave, my postie, and I had to refrain from hugging him!  I even ordered two new dog beds from Pets at Home yesterday with a special 20% internet discount, and much to my amazement they arrived today too!  The only fly in my ointment was that Wilfred decided to roll in some foul smelling substance on his walk this morning, so he doesn’t deserve his clean bed-clothes really!   So I am all wrapped and labeled and even have some spare gift wrap available so that when my children do their last minute wrapping, I can still remain calm and in control!  I still have a couple of rogue Christmas cards that need delivering and I am wondering who I shall delegate that to tomorrow!

My Ocado delivery actually arrived early and everything was present and correct except for a punnet of cress .. on the basis that my chickens are on a go slow, egg and cress sandwiches are off the menu so it isn’t a problem anyway!

Today seemed like a good time to refresh my first table arrangement that I made about 10 days ago, so I stripped it completely, salvaged all the reusable bits, and added fresh greenery, mistletoe and some new red roses.  It seems to look a bit more wild than my first one, but it will do for another week at least.


I had hoped to make another batch of pastry today as I am clean out of mince pies, but got distracted by laying the table for Christmas Day instead.  So that can be a job for tomorrow morning along with the big house clean.  Wish that could be delegated too!  And now it is time to watch my all time favorite Crimbo movie … Love Actually ..  I have made a pact with my three girls that every Christmas we have to all sit down together with a boxes of Celebrations and tissues and watch what is probably my all time favorite chick flick.  And every time I watch it, I still salivate at the scene when the extremely fit,hot, bronzed, honed young man (Rodrigo Santoro) is trying to get with the dumb american girl (Laura Linney) and she seems to think talking to her barking brother is more important than him .. epic fail!!




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