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So here I am, on a Tuesday morning just waiting to leave to collect my jet setting daughter from Heathrow.  I learnt over night via Twitter that she was delivered to JFK in a stretch limo, as you do, and from Facebook that she has added some more electric ink to her small but perfectly formed body.  And what have I been doing?? Oh yes … I have just walked back in the house from my latest mission of trying to catch my chicken, Mrs Hen, who is showing signs of being poorly.  I don’t think it has anything to do with the baked beans she ate on Sunday, so I referred to my daily life curing manual and ultimate encyclopedia of life.. GOOGLE!  Loads of other chicken owners, many of them possibly fanatics/nutters from America, post on a chat allotment website and a smallholdings site “the essential tool for Smallholders“, and I think from what they are chatting about she may have ‘Sour Crop‘.  So to cut a long story short, after a mad chase around the paddock, I got her back into her nesting box, managed with the assistance of a willing helper (my husband, who is desperately trying to leave for work in his suit!).  After accidently shutting her foot in the door, I held her upside down by her feet hoping that some foul smelling fluid would slip out of her beak (that’s what the chat room said would happen!), but alas, my tactical chunder stunt wasn’t quite as effective as I had been led to believe.  Another site said put some Apple Cider Vinegar into her water, and give her live natural yoghurt and garlic .. shame for both of us that I hadn’t read this handy tip first!


Anyway, just checked the British Airways  website and the BA182 is due a little bit earlier than schedule, so poor Mrs Hen will have to wait for her next appointment with the in-house vet!!



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So this started off as a simple question posted on Facebook by a friend who has relocated to New York, and has possibly joined a book club there?  “Has anyone read Fifty Shades of Grey?”  Well I hadn’t even heard of this book until about 24 hours ago, and the only book with a hue in the title that I have ever read is The Colour Purple.  Because this particular friend is a great girlie (formally Brown Owl in the Village before she left for the Big Apple!) and has a wicked sense of humor, and is someone who is similar to me, I quickly Googled the book in question and now I find myself curiously intrigued, and on the brink of parting with £18.31 for this paperback.  May I suggest that you start with the Amazon reviews especially the first one from Claires Book Corner!  She talks very openly and intimately and seems to have an instant obsession for the main character, Mr Christian Grey, and she seems quite happy to express her feelings in public!  Then there is a review from another lady which you can read here : Read:React:Review  this is her opening paragraph: “Fifty Shades of Grey is an erotic novel self-published by first-time British author E.L. James in 2011 which has already spawned two sequels and, maybe, a movie deal. I just read it and have, naturally, fifty things to say. Adults, read on:”

Hot off the press from New York via Facebook of course, I have just received a first hand review from my friend in question … “Definitely porn , to be honest I’ve never really read this sort of stuff before but everyone is going mad for it here , sold out everywhere , ladies giggling in book shops , and apparently increasing night time Activity ! The book ends with you having to get the next one to find out If???”  

 I would be interested to know if anyone has already read this book, or even the sequels, Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed.







The only time I read actual books these days is on holiday, so if I get some positive feedback, I may have to log into BA.com and really get booking!

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Well what a busy week it has been.  This time 7 days ago we were sitting on a British Airways flight, and I was lucky enough to be seated in 4A, heading off to Barbados, as you do when you have BA concessions!  We stayed at the beautiful Almond Casuarina Beach  and had 3 nights of sun, sand, sea and celebration as our eldest daughter turned 21.  Yesterday was her actual birthday, and she had a whole day and night of celebrations.  Our favorite family and friends came over during the day and she was lavished with gifts, Champagne and flowers.  My lovely florist friend, Kim Shaw, popped in with a gorgeous bouquet of roses, and my beautiful goddaughter who has just started her own range of jewellery called Kissika gave her a stunning silver bracelet to match one of her tattoos.

Talk about lucky girl … she was lavished with T-Shirts and a dress by Alexander Wang, a Vivienne Westwood Purse and a lot of money, when suddenly I had a deja vu back to my 21st birthday and realised there was absolutely no similarity at all!

I made some more cup cakes topped with her favorite childhood sweets … Jelly Tots (not Jelly shots!) and her thoughtful sister made her some yummy calorie free (not!) Nigella Rocky Road.

As if this wasn’t enough, she then went to Nobu with some of her best girl friends (total babes!), followed by a bit of alcohol induced clubbing at Cirque du Soir and Jalouse as you do when you are gorgeous and get on VIP guest lists and are given free drinks .. still no resemblance to my 21st!  And then your lovely daddy, who has work in the morning, drives up to fetch you at 2am ensuring that you are safe and cozily tucked up at home in your own bed!  And at 21 it is assumed you are an adult!  Dream on!  Glad we haven’t set a precedent for 21st celebrations with our other 2 daughters  … oh wait .. we have!

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Well what an eventful New Year we had!  Jumped on a plane to Geneva, as you do, on New Years Eve for a family ski holiday.  Arrived in Nendaz in time to make the pre-lash vodka jelly shots and canapes, before our New Years Eve dinner, which was then followed by fireworks and an epic snow ball fight!  I can honestly say I have never had so much fun with snow balls in my life, and my pelvic floor was certainly put to the test!  After a seriously alcohol induced, icy walk back to our ‘Pig Shed’ our teenage companions didn’t take much encouragement to strip to their underwear and roll around in the snow to mark the start of 2012!

The highlight or possibly low light of our trip was a very eventful first day skiing, which resulted in a blood wagon to the hospital for one of our powder hounds; this sadly was to be the end to her skiing for the rest of the trip due to some torn ligaments in her ankle.  The snow was amazing, the weather mixed and the Swiss prices over inflated but we certainly had a fantastic time for the next few days. British Airways provided exceptional special assistance for our crutch bound passenger on the return journey, and the pilot did an impressive job landing at Gatwick in gale force winds.

Five days later we are all safely back home, Christmas decorations dismantled, and I find myself in the kitchen again creating some culinary delights for my family!  Just made a nice healthy batch of Carrot and Coriander Soup for lunch, which I will serve with some gorgeous sunflower seed bread from the Kingfisher Farm Shop and some of my apparently legendary, less healthy, chocolate chip flapjack, the recipe of which is in my head … sorry!

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