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Well the evening started off well.  We met in the beautiful village of Shere to gather in the square to sing Christmas Carols and apart from the lack of snow, it was like a scene from The Holiday, minus Jude Law!  The pub was so crowded I didn’t even manage a glass of mulled wine, which was fine .. I was driving anyway.  We sang numerous carols, and even though I had forgotten to bring my reading glasses, I even managed to read the words .. well sort of.  And then the pub crawl continued.  The next pub had no queue, and the drinks were flowing, and the final pub was walking distance to my house.  All was going well . My husband and youngest daughter, four lovely young men and another set of responsible parents.  And then the landlord offered us Vodka Jelly Shots.  Haven’t drunk vodka since my 16th birthday when I downed 16 shots of vodka, and had my first ‘never again experience’.  I think I was trying to re-live my youth and forgot that vodka shots possibly don’t agree with me!  Anyway, the rest is history.  I had some help filling the stockings, and don’t remember too much more, although I believe there is some video evidence floating around!



As for Christmas day .. well apparently I had got to bed around 2 am, and my middle daughter woke me up at 6.30 am looking for an asthma inhaler which she had left at Uni!  so I didn’t have a chance to get a hangover, because I was still drunk!  I had laid the table the day before, and all that smug planning I have been doing for the last couple of weeks paid off .. lunch for 12 sorted and apart from a book in an Anne Summers bag from my daughters boyfriend titled Sex 365 Positions, I got all I wanted for Christmas!


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