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Not sure if it is only our crazy family that says “White Rabbits” on the first day of each month, based on our close affiliation with bunnies, or if there are other people around the country that utter the same greeting to see in the new month??  I must have inbuilt this superstition into my kids, as my Blackberry buzzed at around 4.23 this morning when my insomniac daughter sent me her monthly ‘White Rabbits’ greeting from Uni in Oxford!  I am beginning to question if going to University these days represents value for money in the first year?  In her second semester she only has two hours of lectures on a Monday, and a full day on a Thursday, leaving five out of seven days free, for a post night out clubbing lay in!  Since 16th December when she completed her first batch of exams, she has had the sum total of 47 minutes of lectures and it is now 1st February!  At precisely 00.17 this morning I got my monthly e-mail from the uni accommodation office saying that they have successfully debited £681 from my credit card to finance her very small bedroom …  thank you for pointing out that it is me that is funding this student lifestyle each month!

I want to share with you my top purchase this season, which on this very freezing morning has come into its own!  Its a Marks and Spencers thermal vest!  I bought it originally to take on our ski trip, however, it is so warm, soft and snugly, that I find myself slipping it on most days now!  Is it possible to become so attached to a vest I wonder? I used to think thermals were for old people in danger of catching a chill, but I have to confess I am now an addict!  And at £12 each I reckon that is quite a harmless addiction, and am tempted to go online and order some more.

And one other tip as an alternative winter warmer … I just quickly rustled up some Carrot and Parsnip Soup for lunch, which has provided me with an instant warm hug in a mug!  I didn’t follow a particular recipe, but have just googled one in case anyone is in need of inspiration:  Creamy Carrot and Parsnip Soup  It is so yummy, wholesome and healthy and took about 30 minutes to make!  What with a vest, hot soup and my age, this could end up being a recipe for a hot flush!!


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