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It would be easy for me to start by having a rant about the endless rain, but I have decided to turn this plentiful precipitation into nectar for my garden!  Yesterday the sun actually shone for most of the day, so luckily I had been to Secretts Garden Centre at the weekend and stocked up on several packets of seeds for my vegetable patch, plus some beautiful new gardening gloves.  I have many pet hates, and most of them seem to be related to either Wilfred or my husband.  What I most hate about Wifred at the moment is that he keeps sneaking upstairs, which is in contravention of my rigid house rules “No Dogs Upstairs!’, and he has found a duvet in a vacant bedroom, and keeps curling himself into a tight ball and falling asleep.  It would seem that he has made his own set of house rules, which are possibly linked to the ones below!

Pet hates relating to my husband  include ripping open cereal boxes without following the pre-set guides, using his teeth to open anything including crisp packets and bars of chocolate, holding imaginary conversations with the dogs, leaving streaks of wax on any car he washes, and wearing and invariably trashing my gardening gloves!  I have been married for nearly 27 years (child bride!) comparable to a life sentence for murder, and my most favorite birthday present from my in-laws, was last year when they gave me a stunning pair of cream, soft leather gardening gloves.  They are the only pair of gloves to have lasted the year, and haven’t worn through on the finger tips.  Now they will never get the chance because they were used when replacing the broken window in the Rave Shed and have been totally wrecked and covered with a sticky substance called Hard as Nails Adhesive.  So I treated myself to a new pair of gloves, and chose a colour that is least likely to be worn by my other half!


Anyway, sporting my new gloves, and with a variety of seeds, I pottered down the garden and got digging and planting.  I am carrying out a little experiment as I got some Suttons Seed Tapes, which make planting so very easy.  The tapes are like pre-cut strips of loo roll, that have been studded with seeds, spaced out in a way to make your crops grow in a perfectly straight row, making pricking out unnecessary.  For those non vegetable growers reading this, please don’t worry yourself about this fine detail  ..  you can buy your perfectly grown and harvested  genetically modified veg from the supermarket for a fraction of the manpower cost of growing your own!  I planted a selection of veggies including spinach, pak choi, parsnips, carrots, beetroot and mixed salad leaves.  I noticed that the potatoes planted about a month ago, are shooting leaves now, looking just as they should do.  So seeds all tucked up under the fertilized soil, and all I need now is rain .. good job there isn’t a shortage of that then!



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